Love Jacked

Un joyeux film qui m’a donné l’occasion de travailler avec décoratrice Marian Wihak. Malheureusement, ils n’avaient pas besoin de moi pour la partie tournée en Afrique, mais les lieux de tournage en Ontario étaient assex beaux aussi. A happy-go-lucky film that gave me the chance to work with designer Marian Wihak. Sadly, they didn’t need the Canadian art department crew for the parts filmed in … Continue reading Love Jacked

Winter! L’hiver!

At last I’ve been initiated into “real” Canadian winter shooting conditions. I was props assistant on a crime reenactment drama, shooting outdoors at -20 degrees Celsius. I particularly enjoyed the alcohol-free beer that froze before I could pour it. J’ai été enfin initié à la “vrai” experience du tournage Canadien. J’étais adjointe à l’accessoiriste pour une émission qui montre les reconstitutions des crimes. Nous avons tourné en plein … Continue reading Winter! L’hiver!


My grandmother once said that every morning she thought “what shall I make today?” She was a very sane person. This is what I  made today. They’re footstools for a production of Joyful Noise at the Papermill Theatre in Toronto. I won’t be the one to add upholstery and gold leaf, but I’ll try to get a picture of them in their finished state in a couple … Continue reading Making