Office Hours by Norm Foster

Another theatre set down! It was a pleasure to design this set for Toronto’s East Side Players.  Some highlights of the experience were learning to paint a faux concrete floor, creating stained glass effect windows and being able to use the real brick wall of the beautiful Papermill Theatre. Encore un décor! C’était un plaisir de travailler avec East Side Players, de Toronto, sur cette … Continue reading Office Hours by Norm Foster

Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder

Undoubtedly the theatrical highlight of my 2016, Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder is a gem of a play written by Phoebe Leonard. It debuted in New York in April with my first realised stage set design. Sans aucun doute le grand moment théâtral de 2016 pour moi, Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder est une pièce de Phoebe Leonard. Elle a fait ses débuts en New York en avril et était l’occasion … Continue reading Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder

Look Back In Anger

Look Back In Anger was one of the first British plays to portray working class life. Household chores appeared on stage for the first time. Alison’s ironing board became iconic. The play is about the frustration of an educated young man confronted with the impenetrable class system and dearth of opportunities in postwar Britain. Jimmy longs for a cause that would give his life meaning. At … Continue reading Look Back In Anger