Animation Dessin

Un projet du premier semestre du Master 1 : Définir le mot «dessin» au moyen de dessins réalisés dans des styles differents. Crée avec mes camarades de classe Théo, Sophie et Camila. A project from the first semester of my master’s degree: Define the word “dessin” (drawing) using drawings in different styles. Created with my classmates Théo, Sophie and Camila. Continue reading Animation Dessin

Michael Clark In Residence

Working for an artist certainly has its advantages: Anne took me to the dress rehearsal of Michael Clark’s performance at the Whitney. It was incredibly special. Dance, music & lighting loosely woven. Unusual yet coherent. The kind of production that trusts its audience to find meaning and understand the piece each in his or her own way. Art is incomplete without the participation of the … Continue reading Michael Clark In Residence