Bill Murray. Thank you New York!

I will relocate to London in a few weeks, and thinking back over my New York highlights I realised – that’s right, ised not ized, bring it on England – that I’ve omitted one of my most wonderful photo shoots from this blog: Bill Murray for Moonrise Kingdom in Harper’s Bazaar! This was a hectic, quirky day of hanging clouds and handing out trumpets. Absolutely … Continue reading Bill Murray. Thank you New York!

Boat Shoot

My first shoot on the water: a massive, gloriously rusty boat. It was a jungle gym of cast iron trip hazards and overhangs. I whacked my head against a piece of it – not recommended. Iron wins. There was a fierce wind, the photographer was freezing, the camera assistant sprained her ankle, the models were shaking. It was fun! Everyone was tired, with chapped hands … Continue reading Boat Shoot