SOLITARY still on a roll

Best UK Feature at London Independent Film Festival Best UK Genre Feature at DetectiveFEST International Film Festival Silver Remi Award for Best Independent Feature at WorldFest Houston Also an Official Selection at Southend-on-Sea Film Festival & Women’s International Film and Arts Festival (Miami, screening 6th June) Continue reading SOLITARY still on a roll

Solitary – showing us how it’s done

The feature film Solitary, which we shot in Portsmouth in late 2013, premiered on Jan 7th and is already a hit. Here are Sarina Taylor (producer, actor), Sasha Krane (director) and Katharine McEwan (writer, actor, producer) showing off their new mantel ornaments from the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema. Best Feature, Best Screenplay and Best Actress in a Feature (Sarina). The film was also nominated for Best Original Score – … Continue reading Solitary – showing us how it’s done

Twinkle Shines

Twinkle, one of my favourite projects from 2012, has hit the festival circuit this year with great success. Official Selection at NYLA International Film Festival 2014 and Winner of the Audience Choice Award at Brooklyn Girl Film Festival 2014. It’s a film with huge heart put together by beautiful people to make the world a better place, exactly the kind of film we all hope … Continue reading Twinkle Shines

What have you lost?

My autumn highlight for 2013 was creating a room of lost items for Gabriel Foster Prior‘s A Short Film About Hats We had a mountain of pens, a drawer full of coins – multi-currency of course, as it’s me – a haphazard  wrack full of begged, borrowed and found clothes including almost everything I own, odd socks, old keys, puzzle pieces, cell phones, toy soldiers… No sleep … Continue reading What have you lost?


Congratulations to the cast & crew of Solitary, a feature film by Katharine McEwan that wrapped yesterday in Portsmouth! It was a fascinating, fun & exhausting 3 weeks away. We shot in a real prison (not functioning), which has put me right off crime. You do not want to go to prison! Everything’s hard, cold and cream. Also very creepy. I almost gave myself a … Continue reading Solitary