Yes I Can

The result of my first London shoot, back in January. I was production manager on this video for the nuclear disarmament charity ICAN: It also features on the charity’s website, The highlight was filming from the rooftop of the Trafalgar Hotel for shots of the crowd scene in Trafalgar Square. Getting the gear up there was challenging, but what a view! Continue reading Yes I Can

Martha Mauden & Co

Three whirlwind days of shooting, preceded by two mad weeks of pre-production, and an exhausting but happy shoot has wrapped on Martha Mauden & Co. I’m relieved to find that art directing in the UK is exactly the same as the US: Just as demanding, just as rewarding, and just as much running up and down stairs with bizarre props and standing on chairs wishing my … Continue reading Martha Mauden & Co

Bill Murray. Thank you New York!

I will relocate to London in a few weeks, and thinking back over my New York highlights I realised – that’s right, ised not ized, bring it on England – that I’ve omitted one of my most wonderful photo shoots from this blog: Bill Murray for Moonrise Kingdom in Harper’s Bazaar! This was a hectic, quirky day of hanging clouds and handing out trumpets. Absolutely … Continue reading Bill Murray. Thank you New York!


Congratulations to the exceptional cast and crew! We made it a very happy shoot in spite of trying conditions – getting slow-cooked in the basement on day 1 and “borched” on day 2 (that’s when the sun’s so bright you can’t decide whether you’re getting burnt or scorched). Special congrats to superwoman Cherelle – executive producer, writer, mom, actor – and she let a film … Continue reading Twinkle!