Solitary: The UK Premiere


The UK premiere of Solitary took place in Soho last night. It wasn’t easy for me to get there from Paris, what with Eurostar’s prohibitive weekend prices, but it was worth 8 hours on a bus to be part of a really special event. Director Sasha Krane described the production as a labor of love, and the expression was (for once) accurately applied. The commitment and bare-hearted striving that went in really shows on the screen and gives the film an engrossing freshness and integrity.

Also, THE SETS LOOKED GREAT. Credit to Production Designer Arlo Markantonatos. Seeing those spaces that I spent hours and hours dressing and undressing eighteen months ago brought the whole mad experience flooding back. At the time I don’t think we realized quite how big an achievement it was. I’m so very glad I made it to the screening to find out.

We haven’t seen the last of Solitary. Eyes on the facebook page for updates.