Solitary – showing us how it’s done

The feature film Solitary, which we shot in Portsmouth in late 2013, premiered on Jan 7th and is already a hit.

Here are Sarina Taylor (producer, actor), Sasha Krane (director) and Katharine McEwan (writer, actor, producer) showing off their new mantel ornaments from the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema. Best Feature, Best Screenplay and Best Actress in a Feature (Sarina).

The film was also nominated for Best Original Score – Roger Taylor, Best Cinematography – Pete Wallington, Mary Austin Award Achievement in Screenwriting – Katharine McEwan, Mary Austin Award Achievement in Producing – Sarina Taylor and Katharine McEwan, Best Actress in Feature – Katharine McEwan, Best Director – Sasha Krane, Best Foreign Film.

Nothing for art department but I’ll take my share of the credit for that Best Feature prize – they’d have looked pretty silly miming the props.

Here’s the Facebook page in case that’s piqued your curiosity. Fingers crossed for a bit more festival silverware in the next few months.