Jean of the Joneses (4 months late)

Well, I missed this one. Feature film Jean of the Joneses launched in March, when I was too caught up in set designing Accumulated Heartbreak Disorder to notice. J of the Js was my introduction to the Canadian film industry (if you mercifully disregard set dressing for Hallmark Channel Christmas movies). It was the first time I worked with courageous production designer Helen Kotsonis, dashing art director Ashley Devereux and magnificent set dec Laura Mackenzie. I was just a daily, but I was one of the regulars, and it was on this film that I started to build my art department family in TO.

Here’s the link for  Variety’s review.

Unfortunately Variety doesn’t comment on the sets, but here are some pictures. Decide for yourself:


Art Director: Ashley Devereux  / Production Design: Helen Kotsonis / Cinematographer: Kris Belchevski / Director: Stella Meghie